Unfortunately, problems can suddenly arise at your facility every now and then, and we know that you want someone who will be reliable yet efficient with their service. At Mathiou Services we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service with all handymen being trained and qualified. Still not convinced your centre needs one? Here are just a few reasons why having a regular scheduled handyman will be important to your facility.

From small to large jobs:

Got a desk or a shelf that needs to be installed and setup? Or maybe you need a deck built? No matter how big or small, our handyman can happily do it for General handyman servicesyou. With regular visits, any jobs that do occur can be completed and your facility will always be in greatest working condition.

Tick that long list of jobs and tasks off:

We all know how easy it can be to place that list of jobs and tasks at the back of your mind for another time, but with a regular handyman never again will you have to worry about those tasks piling up. If you find another job or task that needs to be done, just send it off to us and on our next visit we’ll add it to the list to do.

Safety Assurances:

Whilst onsite for any job, we are able to identify potential safety hazards that may have been missed.

From general cleanups of rubbish and debris to fixing a broken gate, you can be assured that general visits from one our handymen can significantly improve the overall safety and appearance of your facility.

Don’t let your to do lists and tasks pile up. Give us a call on 1300 363 423 to get your own handyman for your centre today.