Have you noticed something off about your gutters? Here are 7 signs your gutters may need repair or replacement:

  1. Gaps
  2. Cracks or splits,
  3. Rust or Mould or paint discolouring on exterior wall
  4. Overflow of water
  5. Stagnant water
  6. Sagging of gutters
  7. Foundation flooding

The biggest problem most people have when it comes to determining whether your gutters need to go or stay is “what it will cost me?” And let’s be honest if you can put off paying something, you will. The problem with this is you are usually not aware of the problem or have not put temporary measures in place to avoid further damage to your gutters or building.

Depending on what condition they are in and whether they have been damaged beyond repair, you should be able to justify a repair only vs. a replacement. Gutters can in fact be repaired and fixed if they begin to crack, have breaks/ rust in them or just have some minor wear and tear from natural weathering. The question is mainly around;

  • First, Is the repair going to be a long-term solution? If it isn’t then you may need to look at how often you would need to repair and then look at how often, then look at what the total cost is.
  • Secondly, does the cost to repair outweigh the cost to replace? Comparing the cost to replace vs. repair is important. If the repair is a “bandaid” and will be an ongoing repair job does that repeated cost outweigh the cost to replace? You also may need to consider the consequences of only patching the issue- will it cost more later to repair as a result of further damage. Or will it be ok to wait a little longer while you secure the funds, and can manage a low impact timeframe?

Whatever the answer you should consider these questions as your gutters get evaluated professionally.

Should you repair or replace your gutters?

There are a few things to look for when deciding if your gutters need replacing or fixing;

Gaps in gutters

If you can see gaps between the gutters and your roofline then this could be a simple repair job that requires new brackets or nails. However, if it’s an ongoing problem then perhaps your gutter size may not be correct and an upsize replacement may be required.

Cracks or splits in gutters 

Generally, you can tell this by a simple visual i.e. excessive drips from your gutter, or random puddles of water on your foundation. Depending on the size of the crack or split you may be able to replace that section or patch it. Again, it comes down to what kind of condition your gutter is in.

Rust or mould on or in gutters 

Rust and mould are easily detected with a visual inspection. Rust can be cleaned and treated, depending on how far they have deteriorated. Mould is usually detected with stagnant water which could mean your gutters are blocked, or your gutters placements are not right. Keep reading below for more details. If the gutters have passed the point of treatment, they will need to be replaced. The good news you can isolate a section or replace the whole depending on your preference.

Paint discolouring on exterior wall 

Paint discolouring on the wall could mean there is either overflow or a leak. See here about what you can do to fix overflow, if there is a leak you may be able to silicone the gutters. This depends on how deteriorated they are.

Is there stagnant water still sitting in the gutters?

If you can still see stagnant water in a few spots or the whole gutter, go and check for debris clogging the downpipes or stopping the water flow to the downpipes. If this hasn’t been solved it you may not have the right type of gutters for your property or the installation was done incorrectly. Talk to a gutter specialist,

Can you see noticeable sagging in your gutters?

You can view this from the ground and it’s usually very noticeable. Alternatively, if you can get up high you will notice a slight bend in the gutter where it should be straight. Check if your gutter has all its brackets, these may have come loose and just need replacing. Sometimes it’s caused by gutter overflow or debris so clearing it may have solved the issue but to ensure the integrity of the gutter, first check your brackets, or that no gaps or screws have come loose.

Overflow of water

An overflow of water can be caused by 3 things:

  • Your gutters are clogged- clear it and hose down to test it.
  • Installation – you will need to assess if your gutters were installed properly. Sometimes it’s an easy repair or complete replacement
  • Correct gutter size or type was not installed – You will need to get a professional to assess and get them replaced.

Foundation Flooding

Overflow is one of the major causes of foundation flooding. The overflow of water in an area with no drainage causes either a basement flooding or your yard getting soggy and waterlogged. You will need to find the cause of the flooding and fix it as soon as possible.

If you are unsure about the quality of your gutters, or if they are looking a bit worn out. A quick check with our team at Mathiou Services can determine if there are any problems that need urgent fixing or if the whole system needs replacing.

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